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7/15/10 10:32 pm - smblack - Icons for HP20in20 ROUND 12

Photobucket | Photobucket | Photobucket

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4/20/10 05:54 pm - smblack - twenty Draco/Ginny for hp20in20

 Hihihi! Long time no see. But I'm back with another batch of twenty:) Some Draco/Ginny goodness this time:):):)

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3/13/10 05:18 pm - smblack

Originally written for thehogwartslife 

Title: Inheritance
Author: smblack 
Written for: tania_sings 
Pairing: Teddy/Victoire
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Prompt: #6, Teddy Lupin/any next gen girl, inheritance

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3/13/10 05:09 pm - smblack

Originally written for thehogwartslife  

TITLE: Finding the Snorcack
AUTHOR: smblack 
FOR: tania_sings 
PAIRING: Luna/Rolf
PROMPT: #9 - Luna Lovegood -- any rating Prompt -- finding the Snorcack!

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3/13/10 05:01 pm - smblack

Originally written for thehogwartslife 

Title: Not the Last Kiss
Claimant: smblack 
For: frostprinzessin 
Prompt: #31. Daphne/Blaise- PG 13- not the last kiss

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3/13/10 04:56 pm - smblack - An Open Invitation - Lily/Severus

Originally written for thehogwartslife 

Title: Open Invitation
Author: smblack 
For: leobrat 
Prompt: #28. Lily/Severus - An Open Invitation

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2/20/10 04:26 pm - smblack - black and white icons for stock20in20

Sorry I havent updated in.. forever.

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12/28/09 03:02 pm - smblack - That Girl's A Trick

Usually I wouldnt post for just one measly little banner. Instead I'd probably wait till a few things had accumulated and then post, but this is not one measly banner, no sir! It is a turning point! :) I hate to admit it, but almost everything I've made previously was kinda crappy but I like this one. And maybe it's not amazing to you guys, but then again, it's *my* turning point. So anyways, here it is! Title, quote, and pen name are from This Providence's song, That Girl's A Trick. And that's Alex Pettyfer and it's Darla Baker. (Draco&Astoria)
And eventually I'm going to write a little Draco/Ginny ficlet on this song:)lol. Anyways.. Here's the banner:


12/9/09 05:09 pm - smblack - stock20in20 -silhouettes

Hullo again! 20 new icons for round 7 of stock20in20 . My theme was silhouettes.
vibrant exciting ac2

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12/12/12 02:14 pm - smblack - GALLERY!

Hi, this is a dump of useless shit I made a while ago. Its not a gallery. I will never update this post. Okay.

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